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Kindness is contagious – pass it on. Tell us about your Pay It Forward Experience, in Grand Rapids or elsewhere. It’s a great way to inspire others!

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Layover on the way back home to Grand Rapids - Just got the most genuine heartfelt hug from a Vietnamese family lost in the Chicago airport and spoke no English. Between an online translator and good old fashioned compassion, managed to get them re-booked after missing their flight to Atlanta. Here's to random acts of kindness - Andrea Dunne-Sosa

While out shopping one day, I stopped at the McDonalds drive through for a diet coke; as I was waiting in line, I saw a couple with two toddlers in tow, walking up the hill and they went inside. Since it was a very busy area with no nearby homes, I thought they might be having their car fixed at one of the auto shops in the area. The last thing they needed was to shell out $20 for lunch, so I told the cashier that I wanted to pay for the family of four who just walked in and to just tell them I left and said to have a great day.
She came back a moment later with my change and said they were very appreciative and that made my day!

During a very hectic morning at work, I was asked to run up to McDonald's to get coffee/tea for our work group. Going through the drive-thru, I placed my order and when I got to the window to pay, the cashier kindly informed me that the woman in front of me paid for my bill. I was surprised and she left before I got a chance to say thank you. So, it inpired me...a week later I was in a super WalMart and a woman with her 2 grandchildren were behind me in line. Seeing as the woman had her hands full with her sweet little ones, I decided to pay for her groceries. I tried to make a quiet "get-away", but she ended up giving me the biggest hug ever and promised to "pay-it-forward"...that was over a week ago, and I still feel great about the experience!!!

I am a residential realtor with Prudential Preferred. I started the sports gift program I am giving 7% of my personal commission back to my buyer/sellers school of choice for their sports program. I teamed up with The Total Athlete's Equipment Room to discount their items to really make a difference to help the schools and kids.

On my way into a local Grand Rapids restaurant a young man came walking up to me asking if I by chance had some jumper cables. I knew I had some in the back of my car and within moments I had them out for him. I personally didn't know how to use them but told him that I was sure there were some other people around that could help. A minute later another man walked by and agreed to help. Instead of standing out in the cold, I told the first young man that he could just leave the jumper cables by my car and I'll get them when I came back out. And sure enough, they were tucked nicely by my tire so no one knew they were there. Glad I could help him out and trust that he'd return them.

4 little cents--the other day I was in the checkout line at a store. The gentleman ahead of me had enough money to pay his bill, but was short 4 cents. I easily found 4 cents and said, "I have it for you." He immediately wanted to go to get change from his wife in the car, but I insisted that was not necessary. The clerk then replied, "just pay it forward." Obviously, this is a Grand Rapids phenom -- I'm happy to be part of this wonderful town.

Love when I'm grocery shopping and someone has left a coupon by the product that I'm going to buy. I now do the same. Why throw them out, leave those extra coupons for others, every bit saved helps!

This weekend I was at a local craft/fabric store and found a great coupon on my iPhone while waiting in line. I shared it with the teachers behind me, who used my phone to get the discount. One of them saved $35! Such an easy thing to do and I love "Paying It Forward"!